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December 9, 2010

Our protest is now underway on several fronts. We are continuing the
occupation and using the liberated space to liase with the media and
spread awareness. Our representatives are working in conjunction with
the workers union UNITE, to pursue positive dialogue with the local
council. Meanwhile our 50 or so representatives in London are showing
solidarity with the national movement by participating in the mass

We’d like to extend our thanks to the staff and security at the
university for their co-operatation and friendly engagement that has
enabled us to protest both peacefully and effectively. It is important
to recognise that honest and open dialogue is the key factor in
avoiding unwanted confrontation, which is both unnecessary and
unhelpful in achieving the wider aims of the movement.

We would also like to clarify our stance on the protest action today
in London given the expectations of heavy police presence and
possibility for conflict. Our representatives are there to protest
peacefully, alongside thousands of other students with whom we stand.
Media attention historically focuses on what goes wrong at these
protests, which is usually caused by a minority of protestors. We
would ask people who are watching the marches today to note how the
majority of the students conduct themselves and to take inspiration
from that.



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