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Press Statement- 11th December 11pm

December 12, 2010

News from the occupation

We have had our protest limited. The management have decided that if we leave the room for any reason other than to go to the toilet, we will not be let back in. We were informed about this policy after we had already outlined our exit strategy. Regretfully there was no management body available to discuss this. It should also be noted that we are aware that this was not securities decision and that they are just following orders from their superiors. We, as an occupation would like to extend our respect and thanks to security for the decency and integrity with which they have conducted themselves and the respect they have shown us throughout our time in D floor.

We are still continuing our peaceful protest as ever and a core group have dedicated themselves to staying till the end. It is regretful that many people cannot stay due to prior commitments and work deadlines, however we sincerely appreciate the help and input of all members whether they came for an hour or stayed overnight.

Even though you can’t get in the room anymore you can show support by going and sitting peacefully in the canteen on D floor in the atrium.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped us in the face of this new development by helping us with supplies and sending messages of support, these gestures hold so much value to those who are staying.

The occupation has been planned to end on Monday the 13th at 8.45am. It would be appreciated and welcomed if you come and show your support for us in the atrium at the time of our leaving; this extends to all of our supporters and well-wishers.

We wish to stress that this leaving has no relation to the change in access and we feel that our time in occupation has run its course and feel it would be better to end now rather than have the occupation lose sight of its goals.

We can confirm that further action will be taking place throughout this academic year.

For further information please join the Bradford occupation Facebook group or our mailing list by emailing:

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