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Bradford Occupying Students Issue Their Demands

December 7, 2010


We, a democratically organized group of students from the University of Bradford in conjunction with the UBU, stand against the Government Cuts in Education Funding and subsequent rise in Higher Education tuition fees.

In reaction to these proposals, we have decided to stage a peaceful protest and have occupied the Richmond Building on floor D. Within our protest area we have created a safe space where there will be no discriminatory or offensive behaviour, and all students are welcome to freely come and go as they please.

At this point we would like to call upon the entire student body, the University staff and faculty and members of the local community to provide their full support to our cause.

Our demands are as follows.

1.We demand that no disciplinary action (legal or otherwise) is taken against those involved in the occupation or those that support it, be they students or staff.

2.We demand that Mark Cleary, Vice Chancellor of the University of Bradford release an official statement publicly condemning the government’s proposed rise in the cap of tuition fees.

3.We also demand that this statement condemns the proposed cut in Higher Education funding. We expect to see this statement being made public before 3pm on Tuesday the 7th of December.

4.We demand to know what the University of Bradford will do to keep university education accessible to all.

5.We demand that whilst our occupation is ongoing, that the security and management allow full freedom of movement and access to all facilities within the University, to all students, whether actively involved in the occupation or not.

6.We demand that the University of Bradford publicly support students who are trying to defend
Education through protests, action and demonstrations.

7.This includes having management and security respecting the areas occupied as under the control of the students involved, and allowing freedom of movement and expression in these areas. These areas include D1and other areas of D Floor in the Richmond Building. We will also make use of the Atrium, which is considered an open space for student use.

8.We demand that the University of Bradford management conduct itself with the highest level of honesty and transparency concerning possible staff reductions and potential departmental funding cuts.

9.We would consider any further loss of employment as a result of these cuts, or in the build-up towards them as unacceptable. We urge the University Management to do all they can to avoid losing further staff.

At this point we would like to reiterate that this occupation is being carried out with the utmost respect for the people, property and spaces involved. We will continue to protest peacefully until our demands are met.


Students of the University of Bradford Occupy!

December 7, 2010

Tonight a group of students of the University of Bradford have taken the decision to occupy the management suite of the Richmond Building. This was following an emergency meeting of students and staff to address the proposed government reforms to Higher Education Funding.

A statement of the occupying students to follow soon.